Thailand is absolutely one of the most exotic places on earth. Time won’t be enough for you to enjoy the divine beaches and picturesque islands, the numerous cultural sights and the contact with the local culture, but even a few days stay will leave an indelible mark of pleasure in your soul. It’s far, but it’s worth the trip.

Let’s now dive together deep into exotic reasons why you should visit Thailand as soon you can . Enjoy !

Paradise beaches and exotic islands

Definitely my number one !
The coast with its fine white sand and coconut palms attracts tourists to Thailand as a magnet. The country boasts some of the best beaches and most exotic islands in the world. You can mingle with the crowd or stand alone between the rocks. And in the evening, relax with a typical beach party. Ko Phi Phi, Phuket, Koh Tao, Koh Lippe or somewhere else, paradise is everywhere. And when I’m writing paradise is everywhere , oh I really mean it ! If you are like me and never get tired of the magnetic beauty and the perfection of sunrise and sunset this is THE PLACE .

Some of the most exciting activities that will stay in your heart forever.

Elephant Sanctuary

Have you ever imagined that you could spend time with exotic animals like elephants? No, I know! I had never imagined it even in my wildest dreams! But I ended up in Thailand, and as I said earlier, this is paradise on earth, a paradise that is able to make your innermost dreams come true. Let’s get to the point ! One of these activities is being offered (fortunately) everywhere in Thailand. For an affordable price you can spend half a day for yourself, friend , partner, and why not for the whole family half a day in Elephants Sanctuary ! Yes , you got it right. An unforgettable day to meet one of the most impressive giant on the planet, the elephant. You’ll be able to feed them, massage them, walk them, and the best part is swimming with them. And here I want to mention what a deep cause the locals are putting into this. We have all heard and know how much elephants suffer. How tortured they are for years (someone throughout their lives) so that we tourists can enjoy them and the locals make their living. Complicate case at the end of the day. That’s exactly why I think it’s great that the locals are already finding a way to save the dying elephants, and the truth is that even for us tourists it is very nice to take advantage of this kind of attraction. All the elephants there are rescued by circuses and harassment left in their natural state. They are not there so we can ride on their backs. If this is what you are looking for, this is not the blog for you . They are there so that we can get to know them, understand their story, and why not teach ourselves how to respect them the way they deserve.

Monkey Beach

The Monkey Beach is located on Phi Phi Islands. Phi Phi is famous for two things. The movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and the monkey beach. This is one of those places where people fall in love or hate. The monkeys here are walking unconcerned on the beach, greeting tourists and while it sounds quite exotic it can be dangerous. Keep in mind that if you refuse to share your food with these naughty guys, you run the risk of being bitten in protest.

Tiger Temples

Meeting a tiger is undoubtedly a great experience. Of course quite possible in Thailand. But there are two opinions here. Proponents and opponents. Much has been said and written on the subject of how ethical these places really are, but this I will leave everyone to decide for themselves.

Multicultural environment and friendly population

It is no accident that they call Thailand the Land of Smiles. The locals are always optimistic, friendly to every foreigner and ready to integrate you with their customs. And they are so many and so authentic. The visit promises to meet with local tribes, get to know their traditions, learn the secrets of cooking and their lifestyle, hospitality in anything and everywhere. The control that the locals have on themselves and the self-discipline is impressive. Let’s face it, it’s not easy to always smile, be kind and productive, but they are. Yes, they are exactly like that. I compared my experiences in a nice and crowded restaurant in Europe, the feeling of the wind in your hair, but unfortunately, not like in a romantic scene where the love of your life sweeps your hair away to kiss you gently, but the scene in which waiters run every single one of them like for marathon but in a crowded restaurant and yet there are dissatisfied ones. Well in Thailand is not so! I couldn’t even figure out how they could be so cruelly organized and self-disciplined. Do not doubt that you will be served at the highest level.

The Food !

Thai cuisine is rich in traditions, tastes and ethnic blends. In addition to Chinese food, Arabic and Indian cuisine are very popular, as are the use of curry and coconut milk in the kitchen. In the following lines you will see 5 dishes that you should try when you decide to visit beautiful Thailand:

1. Som Tum

The dish comes from northeast Thailand. This is a typical papaya salad, peanuts, dried shrimp, tomatoes. Sometimes you may encounter it with crabs or fish. The salad is prepared with chicken and steamed rice, which is a favorite food of the locals.

2. Tom Yum Kung

It is a national dish of Thailand. The soup is made from shrimp – highly flavored and very salty, herbs, mushrooms and sometimes seafood. It is a must-have dish if you want to try Thai cuisine.

3. Khao Pad

It’s also called fried rice. It is prepared with pre-cooked steamed rice, chicken, pork or beef, tomatoes, onions, eggs, fried with green onions, parsley, garlic and spices. Soy sauce, sugar and salt are then added. The dish is served with finely sliced cucumbers and tomatoes.

4. Tom Kah Kai

The dish is both sour and sweet. The soup is prepared with coconut milk, chicken and the herb Siamese galangal, which is from the ginger family.

5. Pad Thai

The dish is cooked with rice, noodles, stir fried eggs and fish sauce and tamarind chili are added. Sometimes you can also find fish meat.


What about an exotic place like Thailand for engagement, wedding or honeymoon. Ah, the romantic books, the cunning ones are the ones who write them. I spent years reading exactly these books and watching those movies. Yes, you know which ones I mean. Beautiful beaches, breeze, sun, moon and ah ah ah.. the reality is not different, even for some is more beautiful. And one of the places where you can experience all this is definitely Thailand. Taking together all the exotics, food, massages, attractions, how would you leave this paradise without changing your life.


There are about 35,000 temples in Thailand? It really is a land of temples. Visiting them requires modest clothing, which means there are no shorts, tank tops, etc. In Thailand are some of the most picturesque temples of Buddha. The history behind is majestic and all of those places are worth of visit.