To begin with, I didn’t even considered writing about the virus. I just didn’t take it as a serious threat (maybe a lot of you too) so far. After research these last days, I can say that I have noted facts that made me think. Let me mention some of these facts briefly and clearly.

  • One economical and technological giant such as China to quarantine more than 420 million people
  • Cancel world exhibitions, carnivals and other events
  • Over 20 airlines to terminate their flights
  • Several countries not to allow a vessel whose crew has the flu to dock with them as a preventive measure
  • To cancel A-League matches or to be held solely without the public

And these are just a few facts, but eloquent enough to make you ask question. Humanity has faced much more dangerous and terrible pandemics such as the plague, for example. Natural selection. For me, the more interesting question is where does it all start from? Is it true that the infection comes from snakes / bats from the Wuhan animal market? This variety of animals has been eaten in China for decades. Markets have existed for decades. Why is it happening now? We all know that there are more serious viruses in China any other year, but this one is different. Why? The last Pandemic i can think of is the Spanish ( I believe everyone knows about and how effected the whole world ) . The mortality rate from the Spanish flu is between 10 % and 20 % , for obvious reasons. The war, poor conditions and lack of antibiotics have certainly contributed to this mortality. Mortality from Covid 19 at present, is 9% to date . Of course, it is constantly changing because we are now in the midst of an epidemic, and it would most correctly be considered when the epidemic is over, though it will still not be accurate. Even assuming that there are a hell of a lot of undiscovered cases and mortality drops to 3-4%, if a global pandemic occurs, it will rise due to the outbreak of health systems around the world.
There will be a shortage of seats, staff, medicines and supplies. Of those 20% who are in a serious condition, how many would have a chance to heal spontaneously without medical help? Half, for example? And here is 10% mortality. However, let’s not forget that much of the effected so far has received adequate, intensive care due to the still low number of infected worldwide.
So the mortality is not much lower than the Spanish flu.

For the record I checked what has happened in the past years, and here I want to mention a brief statistic that is publicly available and anyone can check for themselves. Okay, let me reassure you then. How many are infected – about 80,000 worldwide? Of these, about 3-4,000 people have died. Well, in 2017 2.54 million people have died from our well-known pneumonia. On average, at least 35% of the population at some stage in their lives will become ill with some type of cancer. In 2012 8.2 million people have died of cancer and the number of cases is increasing every year.

The ” P ” word. The World Health Organization said ” We don’t use this word anymore ” . If so which is the new word that should be use when something like the mentioned acts above happen ?

“If we have a pandemic, it will be important to limit the rate of spread of the disease,” a BBC analysis said. He adds that if countries manage to contain it in some way by the end of winter, some experts believe that warmer temperatures will reduce the time for the virus to survive in the air, such as in seasonal flu. Hopefully, one of the many theories discussed in the topic will prove to be true. And German scientists say so. The virus lives longer in the cold and humid.

Generally, there will always be different theories, it is important to look at them as objectively as possible. If we exclude the possibility of 100% artificially created virus. We exclude it from being deliberately missed. It is probably a work of nature and just skipped. There are thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of viruses, most of which are unknown to us. Logical point of view – not all bat colonies in the world carry every possible virus, this reduces the chance of consuming these animals every time there is a risk that if you still have an infected animal, the chance of jumping over the species barrier is not 100%. The climate of the earth has changed dramatically in recent decades, and animals are migratory species, where they walk, what they eat and where they go is an argument as to why many unknown viruses may occur to us if they cross the species barrier. Why were drastic stamps taken so quickly. Because in the recent past we have already experienced several such virus skips and we have accumulated experience and knowledge that we know nothing about the new. Mostly because workers ( doctors, nurses etc ) can’t be vaccinated (no vaccine is made) and they are on the front line with the virus.

Health culture is an extremely important concern that we must take first and foremost for our own sake, but then for the people around us. And no, I’m not just about our loved ones. We visit the society we are in. We are responsible not only for ourselves, but also for others around us. We are only important to ourselves front of ourselves. In the world of natural laws that we have no power to change, we are responsible for everything and everyone around us. Elementary culture is another thing I would point out as extremely important to us. An elementary culture that gives us important knowledge about the world around us, the changes that inevitably happen at a certain point in time. The story so that mistakes are not repeated again and again. And let’s hope that the vaccine they’ve been fighting for years will soon be there.