Love is great , great is love . Isn’t this what a big man say back in the days. Why you separate them nowadays ?

Little background, but the history of the country in North America begins with the settlement of the continent 15,000 years ago. We are talking about different nations and the development of different cultures. We skip to Christopher Columbus’ journey and the well known to us official discover of today’s America in 1492 . From today 528 years back. High point and the start of colonization by Europeans. The Spanish and Portuguese deal with the colonization of South and Central America, while during this time the territories of North America were colonized mainly by the French and English, gradually eliminating the Indian population. Slavery follows next comes the civil war and now we can talk about the new and known history of United States of America. Beginning in the late 19th century with an increasing influx of immigrants from Europe. Yes, I will repeat the immigrants ! Now you can see that, as a result of a booming economy in the early 20th century, the United States has become a leading global power till today ! Even today, experiencing the Cold War, the First and Second World Wars, the Vietnam War, etc.

Now we jump to 2020. I have read so much lately. We have the two groups Make America great again and the following one Make America love again , but why don’t you make America think again ? Why love is not great ? Can you do anything great without love in ? Can you love without being great ? I don’t think so. I see it as The symbolism of “Yin and Yang” . One can’t without the other one. Maybe that’s why is not working good yet. Something is missing. We lack this, knowledge of our history, we do not see it further than our nose. We do not respect our own achievements.

I cannot continue to write without mentioning that America is great yet. America still loves. And all this clearly shows that year after year, election after election, fall after fall, Americans manage to show to the world that no one can tell them how they will vote. A big problem in Europe, for example. Europe still lacks freedom. Never had it , that explain why never is been the greatest power in the world ? I would say so. Europe still can’t reach the freedom to speak out, sunbathe high and be heard. America has this resource, and neither the Federal Reserve, nor the Senate, or any institution can take it, because it holds in its hands one of the most significant constitutions I have ever read. ( Thank you Lincoln ) . Only 27 constitutional amendments out of 11,000 proposed. 27 amendments that nail down some of the most discussed laws in the world. 27 amendments that makes still the world to want to be in United State. Is’t that great? Isn’t love too ? The constitution, originally composed of seven articles. We have back in the days great men who put a lot of love in ! So maybe is time for all of us humans around the world to understand the weight of history , how important is to us, to know who we are, coming from etc. Learn the history so we don’t repeat mistakes. United State of America is not called by accident so. Is because people far away from continent America have made it so. So is today, so will be. Start thinking again and open the eyes so we can see that America is great again, because America love again. Is not only the states that make it united. But mainly the people.