What is and when is Super Tuesday

On March 3, 2020, the State of California will return to the fight for the presidency this year. Tomorrow, Tuesday, the state will say the tough word in the Democratic primary election and determine the candidate who will face Donald Trump this November. AFP writes in analysis.

In 2016, California, from the position of the most populous American state, organized the Democrats’ primary election in June. Although the dice were long ago cast and it was clear to everyone who would continue the game. Maybe this is why the state pulls the date much earlier, hoping this time it can act when the fate of the campaign is decided.

By now, we learn that Super Tuesday is the day in question, which makes it clear who the opponent will be, who will have the honor of playing chess on November 3 this year, when the whole world will find out who will announce the chess mat.

Which states will vote

Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Democrats Abroad, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia are the states to hold their presidential primaries tomorrow 3 of March, 2020 .

How the democrats have prepared so far ? Are they ready ?

There is no comparative difference with their preparation from 2016. They do not seem to relinquish and again bet on aggressive media campaigns, Hollywood. Anything new under the sun? They may have become a little more aggressive. After investing or rather wasting government money, energy, but giving a lot of bread to the media, trying to overthrow the current president through impeachment when the senate didn’t give a second to John Bolton. Was this a good move from them ? The hard word will be California followed by Texas as the largest states. Not surprisingly, out of 25 million potential voters, about 20 million say they will vote this time analyses shows. Didn’t arouse the interest of the voters? Obviously, but how positive? All the voters are the taxpayers ! Taxpayers whose money is used for aggressive campaigns an attempt at an impeachment that didn’t even got the attention that many people wanted to get.

Democrats say voters will vote for a candidate who can stand against Trump. How sure are you ? It begins to rise more and more to the surface, like a conflict of the ego. The border is long gone, or so it seems. In the craze that Trump needs to be ousted, the idea of what people need and the state responsible for their needs is increasingly lost. Let’s end Trump. Can one be putted down so ? Underestimation and understatement on the voters have already played bad for the democrats in 2016, it doesn’t seem like they have learn their lessons. What they got this year ?

Sanders at the helm?

Democratic socialism ? That says all about Sanders. The self-described “socialist” has the support of 30 percent, with a clear lead over moderate Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren, who are almost equal. This was a surprise. But can he really take down Trump ? Yet, just 24 hours before the big moment, it’s hard to predict and we don’t even see the media betting on the names. The number is volatile because of the large number of voters who say they have not yet made a final decision. Understandable after California pulled the date much earlier this time. Let’s not forget Sanders is a man of Wall Street and have been pulled up so far. And also let’s not forget the complex voting system proportional vote with an elimination threshold of 15 on 100 percent, which blurs the picture even more. Some experts say the possibility of just one or two candidates surpassing the 15 percent barrier will give Sanders much of the California vote and as it become clear California state will have the big word.

Senator Elizabeth Warren?

She was everyone’s favorite, again an aggressive media campaign, once again trying to put a woman in the lead. The vote had not yet begun and she was swiftly overtaken by the two greats of the day Biden and Sanders. Is Wall Street gonna allowed it ? Come on, at least secretary Clinton manage to be one of the two big of the day back in 2016. But once again those who are pushing for a democracy that for some reason distorts itself through the prism of its own interests are pushing for the most aggressive campaigns and going downhill faster than 2016. Tomorrow, will become clear once again The Wolf or She-Wolf !

Biden ? Here is where I would say The Wolf

I would like to see him facing Trump November 3 . Who better than him ? There is many questions , many questions left unanswered by the demise of the Democrats and the loss in the Senate. Biden is one of those who have the answers, and Trump is the man who will not hesitate to ask questions, and more than anything, America and the world will witness some of the best debates after 2016. There is no doubt that tomorrow’s fight is between Sanders and Biden. I have no doubt that Americans will not succumb to provocations and manipulations, But the question of the day is whether America is looking for the person who has the power to bring down Trump or is America seeking freedom and own interest?