Which of the two ” evolution ” takes the top spot

Yes, one more article including Covid19 , and i know enough is enough. That’s why I’m not going to write about conspiracy theories, origins and symptoms, stats that at this point are just assumptions that cannot yet be proven.

Viruses evolve, just as the human species should. I am becoming more and more convinced of myself that viruses are doing much better than we are. So does our planet.

Natural selection. Known also as survival of the fittest. Put differently, nature that many activists have never tried to understand. The same activists that almost call humankind problem. Only that man has won his right to be an inhabitant of this planet with the cost of a lot of grief, disease, war and of course natural selection. The question here is how much man has really evolved?

Nature tolerates only equilibrium systems.

I am one of the children of the 90s. As we all know, many changes and the evolution of technology followed. With the advent of technological evolution, it seems that many people have considered for themselves that this means a parallel evolution of man. The implications of this to date are finally obvious. I must say that I expected this development in the years ahead, but not now. But of course nature knows what to do. The aftermath is an ignorant generation that believes itself to be immortal, as mom and dad say breakfast, lunch, and dinner are held with a tablet on the table. Mom and Dad said we live in a time where You are the most important, the smartest, the most beautiful, that a person can do everything that a tablet and a computer do for you, give you the knowledge that will be needed in the future. They have taught you that no one can tell you what to do, because you are a genius after you spent your childhood in front of a computer and you know everything and of course the so-called human rights that you have to defend with the price of everything.

And it gets me to the point where things are clearly out of control. Although man has stepped on the moon to the bottom of the ocean, medicine has grown a lot, technologies are new every day as if they were growing from trees, with the onset of the first crisis in recent history No one knows how to deal with an emergency. Unfortunately, with the consequences of the way young generations think about the situation, it becomes more complicated than it is anyway. In order not to violate such well-known human rights and democracy, countries have not taken timely action. In order not to collapse the economy, which somehow collapsed in the end have not taken timely action. And now, when it comes to the point in which actions need to be taken, it comes to that the governments are being forced to restrict human rights, because (without excuse) man turned out to be an ignorant, selfish and stupid being. I read different opinions and requests in the internet. From people who think that everything is a lie on the part of the media, to supporters of conspiracy theories. Does it make any difference at the moment whether a virus is mistakenly released, intentionally created, or has nature done its job? It matters to me that no matter how the virus appeared, he has already traversed the entire planet. What matters is that people complain that they cannot go on vacation now because the government forbids it. People who complain about whether the hair salon will work, people who say it doesn’t matter, the older generation have to worry. This older generation back in the days are been called for wars , you ” human ” today are called to just stay home ! This older generation have seen from this world what you and your technology will never see, learn or understand. This older generation is the generation you exist thanks too. This older generation use to wipe your ass for ages. This older generation have already made more for themselves and the planet than you will ever, because you will spend your life front of computer and phone till your eyes can’t take it anymore. Am i being rude, hope I’m. I can’t believe in 2020 , 21 century I’m witnessing such way of thinking from generation that is called ” the future ” i think we are step back many year from now on. Back to 1918 , 1942 . When in the end all was about nature selection.

Saw that people are also saying ” Planet finally take a rest ” . O, yes it does! Not because activist , not because governments etc but because Nature tolerates only equilibrium systems. All that have go so far the nature will put on place, Nature never leave empty spaces. And hopefully in the end at least small part of the generations will get to start understand and stop looking at them like they have control , because we Don’t. And finally the nature is showing us again. But someone out there to choose who is more or less important. The governments that did chose that economy is more important than the humans. Your economy depends on the people. Or have you find any other way to operated it? I was thinking who have grown those to be so ignorant. Have no doubt at all that this are those who think baby on Ipad become ” smarter ”.

Undoubtedly, human behavior is one of the most difficult areas. All the changes we need to make in human behavior extend far beyond biology and physics. The technology we need to evolve is the technology of our behavior. Because it turns out that getting a person to the moon is easier than making a person understand their own behavior, because where human behavior begins, technology ends. Apparent freedom is really just a shift of control. And people hold on to the ethics of which they are brought up. The set of values in different cultures can show us how they work. When culture-related mainstream links are not being conveyed properly, come to what I have read many times in recent days on the internet. The safety frontier in dealing with emergencies has narrowed rather than widening. That is, culture becomes stronger or weaker and from there one can predict whether it will survive or disappear. Which is a fact in itself that means evolution. But up or down? Human species as well as culture are subject to natural selection by adapting to the new environment. And here comes the moment when the parallel between biological and cultural evolution intersects at the point of transmissibility. If a particular culture has succeeded in educating and adapting new generations from the right side of history, today I see how another culture has completely overthrown and degraded their generation to the wrong side of the history. The evolution of culture has never found an answer to questions about the values of a generation. But when there is such a marked gap between institutions, it becomes more and more difficult to cope with emerging situations, as they will not be able to attract all the cultural layers in their turn.

As we see as some try to help, others see the end of the world in that for some time they cannot travel freely, attend cultural events, etc., others make sure to empty the shops, others will travel anyway, because selfishness is above all, but there will still be people who have firmly set foot on earth and I wish them health and peace.

Nature tolerates only equilibrium systems.