Due to the Coronavirus outbreak many will be working from home

Here are some tips for those who do not feel productive enough away from the office atmosphere

How to be motivated enough from home ?

Usually, before work time begins, it is important to calculate the time how early we need to wake up to have enough preparation time and also to calculate regular morning traffic before we reach our workplace. And after the work day, we are in a hurry to steal a little time for workout and generally the day goes by fast enough. The first positive thing about working at home is that we have the opportunity to skip the morning congestion and have a workout at home. Which will inevitably lift our spirit and body tone and vigorously we can get to work. So, yes try workout from home at morning!

What to do to be as productive as possible ?

Set up a special place in your home for work. Working on the couch or in bed may seem like a great idea, but from a productivity standpoint, it’s not the best solution. Each of these places involves relaxing and resting, which is not the best strategy for work. Even the opposite. The likelihood of relaxing and becoming distracted is much greater than sitting at a desk and office chair. Therefore, instead of a sofa or bed, set up a specific place in your home, designed specifically for work. Let it include a desk or table, a comfortable chair and plenty of light. Keep it tidy so you don’t fall into chaos and get distracted. Leave it with all the necessary things to do: a computer, a glider, things to write, etc.

Schedule your time well in advance. Planning is one of the most important things. In order to have enough time, to be able to complete all tasks on time, it is important to plan them in advance. Which will also help keep us from concentrating on things from home and focus on work tasks just like in the office.

Follow office hours. This will help keep us out of the schedule we are used to.

You also set yourself a break. To keep your productivity high, even when working from home, it is very important to have a good rest. A good break will help you recharge your batteries and continue working with even more power. Between every 2 hours of focused work, take 10-15 minutes to rest. During this time, try to completely forget about the job. Get up from your computer, don’t watch TV, read nothing. Let your eyes rest. It’s a good idea to do some exercise or a short walk outside. Of course, combined with lunch time. And the best part is that when we are home we can be sure that we eat healthy. Fruits or tea near us are always a tonic idea, and so do we in the office, right ?! But do not overeat just because you have more time for lunch!

Don’t spend too much time alone. In the office we are used to communicating with our colleagues, it is important to keep in touch from home.

Don’t stay in your pajamas! Dress at home as you was in the office. This will help you feel business and engaged directly.

The positive side of working from home

You save money.
Temporarily, fuel and parking costs are dropping

Save time
Working from home, in addition to saving on transport costs, will save you the time and nerves you throw every day, commuting to work and back to your home.

Less stress
When you work from home, you miss the completely stressful rush in the morning, all the storms that have caught you unprepared to return from work.