What we know about Coronavirus so far

The initial outbreak of the virus starts in China. As the internet is already flooded with speculation, we assume the start is December 2019 – January 2020. The virus is respiratory-confirmed by the World Health Organization. Although come from the coronavirus group currently is emerging as the most contagious so far, with no clearly proven source. At this stage there is no proven source, medication or vaccine. The number of infected patients worldwide exceeds 200 000, and more than 10 000 death. After a bitter struggle, China began to regain its rhythm of life, meanwhile the rest of the world was just entering the hearth. The country most affected so far is Italy, which has surpassed China in terms of deaths. States declare a state of emergency. World events are halted, the economy is barely on its feet. And it doesn’t stop here. The governments are first taking more actions to prevent the spread of the virus, meanwhile many other problems pop up and make it even more difficult. School are closing, many people are working from home but there is many who are losing their jobs. The health systems around the world are struggling to combat the virus including all others patients meanwhile. All over the world we are told to focus on self-isolation since there is many people in risk due to previous or chronic illnesses. So far we also been told mostly attack by the virus are and will be the oldest, but we see change in this. More and more is spreading on younger generations. Of course we also have read already about the well knows conspiracy theories about it. Whatever is the deep true , fact is that we are facing many problem and this is what we have to focus on now.

How the outbreak affected the people

It has turned out to be quite easy for the population to panic. We’ve all seen the empty shops, and the famous toilet paper purchase. But we also might have seen and realized that selfishness is not ending. Many people rushed to empty grocery stores and pharmacies. And no one has obviously thought that others will need resources too. We are having the video from Miami beach and the students who claim nothing can stop their spring holidays and party time ( proud parents i guess out there ), but we also have the senator who called public exactly what this is ( Thank you ! ) , someone had to do it. And this time many countries are taking swift and timely action, unfortunately no one hear them since many out there are complaining , doesn’t believe or accept the problem exist. But also many didn’t do anything. Or let me say it or ask right away where is EU when Italy need them ? How many doctors EU send ? How many suppliers ? But China did it and i believe Italy will remember it.

Many mothers now have to manage between keep working ( if they still have their job ) and who is gonna take of their kids since schools shut it down. If they have the possibility being at home they will face the problem on how to keep up with the kids study from home and not being able to go out like they are use to. Thought I don’t see big problem in kids staying inside.

Many lost their job for the moment or at all! This may be huge problem, since not every one had save money , many have to pay rent, loan , many have sick family members. Let’s not forget with the outbreak of the virus, doesn’t mean the other health illnesses disappear.

How to help ourselves during isolation

It is already clear to everyone that we will be isolated indefinitely. Personal hygiene is a top priority. But also hygiene in our home ( hopefully most of us are good in and is not first time we hear about ). What we can do is increase the disinfection of our home. More frequent ventilation. More frequent change of bed linen. Washing clothes after each time we been out if we had contact with more people. And let’s try to find more pros than negatives.

Healthy food at home. Possibility to obtain natural vitamins.

Free time for things we can’t manage to get done at home.

Spend free time with our loved one.

There is many books that are worth to read. Many documentary movie that are worth a look.

Even chance to find temporary work from home for those who need it.

Sport and Yoga from home are always good solution in order to keep the engine system going on , and this is very important.

And don’t forget for you own good and rest of people , don’t leave home with a mask. Let’s be responsible and prove human have evolved. Wash you hands more often than usual and #stayhome