Italy’s heart is broken and agonizing at the moment. I have no intention of focusing the post around the virus (anyway everyone does). The idea of this post is to remind everyone of the greatness of Italy. Italy as we all know it. Majestic, Beautiful and Strong. Let’s remember our favorite places in Italy. The food we adore. The wine we are raising toast. Moments sealed in our hearts and places we are yet to visit.

2018 for me was the year of Italy. This year, my fiance and I visited Italy four times. I have accumulated the most memorable memories and experiences that Italy has given me deep in my heart. An unforgettable spring in one of most majestic cities Rome. Summer in the symbolic city of love Venice. An unforgettable autumn in the vast fields of Tuscany and ski in the magical mountains.

Places to visit at least once in Italy


The eternal city! They call Rome the “Eternal City” – because of its rich history and the fact that over the years it has not only survived, but has also flourished. Already in ancient times, this definition was first used by the poet Tibul. It is also called the “city of the seven hills.” . Even if we go around Rome forever, we will always find something new, something we have missed. Motley, cheerful, noisy, and every step you take in the streets is a journey through time. It’s worth getting to know him slowly, coming back to him again and again, being a part of the diverse crowd that has shaped his image over the centuries. I remember the first time I visited Rome. The air around smelled of history. History of the Roman Empire. I had watched so many movies, read so many books, but neither could compare to the atmosphere of the city. The custom of kissing the newlyweds at the end of the ceremony dates back to Ancient Rome. But then it had a slightly different meaning. The wedding itself was considered a contract and the kiss served as a seal. The symbol of Rome – the “wolf” comes from the legend of the Eternal City, according to which the two brothers and sons of the god Mars, the legendary founders of Rome – Romulus and Remus, are fed by a wolf. One of her most beautiful sculptures is in the city’s Capitol Museums.

Places In Rome We Have To Visit At Least Once

Vatican City

The Vatican City is an independent city, the center of Christianity. It is one of the smallest in the world and is governed by the head of the Roman Catholic Church – the Pope. Did you know that the Vatican City has its own train station, post office, radio station and miniature army – the Swiss who are said to be wearing uniforms designed by Michelangelo himself?! Visiting the Vatican Museums is one of the things you should do at least once in your life. You will enjoy a long journey through more than 20 centuries of history and art that will enchant you and inspire. St. Peter’s Basilica (one of my favorite places). Usually the basilica is the last destination after going through the museums, but I mention it first because it lies deep in my heart. The atmosphere that surrounds you from the moment you cross the threshold is enchanting. It would be difficult to describe in words. But imagine that peace, humility and faith surround you. The dome of the basilica and the magnificent view of the Vatican could not be forgotten.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum, considered the most magnificent amphitheater in ancient Rome, is today recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. At one time, it had room for 50,000 people to watch gladiators. The Colosseum was built between 72 and 80 BC under the leadership of Emperor Vespasian, in the heart of ancient Rome. The Colosseum is the largest amphitheater (meaning literally “theater in a circle”) in the whole world! Round, it is 189 meters long, 156 meters wide and 50 meters high. Sometimes the arenas of the arena were downright brutal: around 10,000 animals were killed in one day. Beneath the Colosseum were numerous rooms and underground tunnels. This was where animals and gladiators were kept waiting to meet their fate upstairs in the arena. But there were only 5 people who knew how to get out of these tunnels and were specially trained to bring the battle-waiting people to the arena. If one decided to go alone, he would never be seen again.

Trevi Fountain

There are many legends about the fountain, but the most popular one is that if you throw a coin you will go back. He managed to win the glory of the remarkable creation of baroque art. A true miracle of stone and water.

Venice Amore Mio

My favorite place on earth! When I first arrived in Venice, my breath stopped for a moment. In the blink of an eye, I felt like I was in another era, in a different world. The water, the gondolas, there was no car around! For those of you who have read Daniel Steele’s Romantic Tortures, there is no book that can describe this beauty. Small narrow streets, passing through them, you are lost in infinity. You hear the noise of the arriving boats. The people around are working hard and you seem to be the heroine of the books who got lost and runs to find San Marco Square. And here you are on this fantastic Square looking around and trying to take all this beauty in you eyes and hearth. The nights are so quiet and calm as if the time has stopped , but so in the days. Small flirtatious shops full of masks, Venetian glass, books and dolls and dive deep into a romance that seems to be endless. I have no doubt why Venice is in the first place for lovers and marriage proposals. Imagine getting married there? Incredible! Even now thinking of Venice i can easily pack and just move there forever ! Venice Amore Mio….

Tuscany is one of the most magnetic areas in Italy. Small cozy, neat little villages. Unforgettable cities like Florence, Pisa. Extensive fields. Wineries.

Pizza, pasta, wine, coffee, fashion are just a small part of why we love Italy. The noise and commotion that always swirls around the Italians. Gesturing. This exuberant temperament.Hugs and kisses. Hospitality. And the love ! Of course , this big majestic love from all over Italy. This sweet , soft and fast language i adore. The music ! I can write a series and a book about the greatness of Italy and the Italians.

Let’s send out invigorating energy and support to those people who are suffering right now. Let us show them that they are not forgotten.
Share and write in a comment what you love about Italy, favorite place, memory, favorite food. Let’s share with more people and remember everything from beloved and unforgettable Eternal Italy ❤️