The situation is changing quickly and drastically and at one point many families found themselves indoors with children indefinitely.

How to survive?

Well, let’s start with the fact that it might not be a bad idea to arrest the pajamas! The initial euphoria that working half-naked all day long would play a bad joke on the whole family. If we stay in this mode for a long time, we run the risk of being oppressed together with the children. Let’s not forget that at school, children have a certain time for everything from the time of study, physical activity to fun. Discuss with children how and what time you will use. It would be nice if we were able to maintain a regime that they would follow. Provide time for study, homework, physical activity, entertainment. Write the daily schedule on a large sheet and try to stick to it in the coming days. Predictability and rhythm help both big and small to cope with the stress we all face these days. Having a day out with the kids at home, even with a limited amount of fun, activities and contacts, can be a very frustrating experience for everyone. Do not treat children as if they do not understand anything. Honesty plays a huge role in relationships. Children are expected to be more upset by the lack of friends from kindergarten and school plus less activity . That is why it is important to explain to them why we should all stay home. Let us explain to them that it is not pleasant for anyone, but we must all be responsible. When they are aware of the reasons, they are more likely to help, even when they know that it is not easy for everyone, they will not feel the only ones who are punished.

What kind of activity we can create

As I said above let’s start with arresting the pajamas! After waking up on a weekend, most of the time, the family spends lazy and sweet mornings in their pajamas and relax. This time, let’s not turn weekends as part of a “work week”. Once the necessary morning preparation is complete, you can spend time training with the children, regardless of their age. Do not lie on the couch in front of the TV, but take some time to exercise. Mom needs to feel and look good, and children will certainly be happy to help as they will feel needed and an important part of the workout. Last but not least, it would be healthy for the whole family and everyone would be energetic in the morning, which is not easily achievable when we are confined at home.

Time to tidy up the house. Especially when we are all home all the time, I have no doubt that there is always something to be done. Maybe the dirty dinnerware left over, the breakfast, we haven’t made our beds yet? Now is the right time to teach children to be part of home hygiene. I believe we can always find something that can help. Maybe it’s time they started fixing their room and bed? Sounds great, I know. While mom and dad clean up after breakfast, have the kids clean their room. It doesn’t matter how well they clean it up. The idea is to create a habit in them and a routine in which everyone must survive.

Time for home schooling. I know, sound like a nightmare and I feel you. Here I would say big part is the age of the kids. Are they first year leaning how to write, read and count ? If so I would not skip the teaching. But why not be more creative. Maybe we can forget for a while about ” John have three apples … ” and try to put the family in. This is age that kids are very curious especially about the family. You can now tell them how Mom and Dad met, at what date, when they married, at what date. Now, how many years have passed since then? Why not write down the three names of mom and dad, do you know the names of your grandparents? You know where I’m going, don’t you? There is no doubt that the children will be focused and will listen with interest and will calculate with you and write names. And in the meantime, we will go back to our favorite memories instead of facing the nerve crisis of John’s apples.

For those who have older children. Fortunately, there are so many useful things. It may be time to enrich their common culture. National Geographic Kids is one of the amazing option we have. I personally love this one a lot. I would recommend to focus on the part Explore ( is not time for games yet ) we are still learning. The topics provided are useful and would give the kids information that I believe they must know. Another option is NASA Science for Kids. For those who doesn’t know NASA is kids friendly, they have kids club ( no doubt is safe ) and many activity ideas for kids to learn. Now you know as long you have desire there is always more than enough options out there.

Time for games

I will say here that all children are different in themselves. There is no need to strive to do what others do. Get to know your kids so you know what they like, what they are good at, where they are more interested. My advice is not to use phones and tablets for gaming. I personally would not.

For small children, especially families living at home will be easier. You may already be equipped with a swing in the yard and many others ( Lucky you ). But for those who are not in house , just day ago i saw a photo from very creative family that made swing on their balcony. Pretty nice ! I know. Plus is a good opportunity for the man in the family to roll up his sleeves, don’t you think. You all have already read and of course know to play puzzle, lego, etc. That’s why I’ll give idea for something different. Apart from the familiar games you could interpret those same games in a game for the family to get to know each other. What I mean ? I look from a slightly different perspective. Just because I solve a puzzle with our children, I do not believe that we get to know each other that way. I get to know my child when I know what he likes. Many children enroll in various activities daily, simply because the neighbor’s child plays football, for example. Therefore, it would be useful for everyone to insert different activities between our acquaintances. Is not enough to play games to bond . The bond comes from the type of activity we do I believe. Why not to print family photo as a puzzle and meanwhile solving the puzzle share to the kids the story behind the photo, or maybe they already know it? Then with every new piece each of you put to share the memory of it! Sound good ?

Camping at home. Me and my sister use to adore it back in the day! Plus , It stirs the child’s imagination. Is it rainy now? What are we going to do ? Did you hear that ? Someone is coming, put the light of etc. Lovely times.

Super Spies? Another one from my childhood. Create several obstacles from yarn, thread, or whatever you have at hand between several chairs or other support. Children must go through them without touching them. Seems easy? Attach small bells that make noise when touched.

Origami. One of the favorites of the little ones and the big ones. Another way for children to unleash their imagination is to prepare room decorations, for example.


Of course, much more can be written about the subject. The idea was to give an initial focus and a slightly different angle. And parents don’t forget you are you before being a parent.

But give it a try
No pajamas all day
Without tablets and phones
Get to know your family
Introduce the children to their own family and vice versa

Share other ideas and what works for you