Are you expecting baby girl and having difficulty to choose name? Here I’ll be sharing with you my favourite names I collected through the years. I believe many parents are looking for unique names and so I’m.

Names with   A

Adora – Greek , old German and Latin origin. Mean beloved, adored.

Adrastea – Greek mythology, known to be the nymph who helped to raise Zeus.

Alienor – French or German origin ( still debated ).

Amadea – loved by God.

Amaya –  name of Japanese, Basque origin meaning “mother city, the end, night rain”.

Amal – Arabic name.  In Hebrew find in the bible means work

Amaris – Hebrew origin. Promised by God.

Amora – means love.

Amoret – married love.

Ariel – biblical Hebrew mean lion of God.

Names with  C

Callidora – gift of beauty.

Cesaria – historical.

Cleopatra – Glory Of The Fathe

Names with  D

Daenerys – God is judge of my destruction.

Damaris – gentle.

Dariela– dear one, beloved.

Dayanara– divine, godlike.

Diamanta – diamond

Names with  E

Eldora – gift of the sun.

Emerald – jewelry.

Esmeralda – Emerald the jewelry.

Names with  F

Florence – blossoming in faith, in belief (mystic name).

Names with  J

Jasmine – flower.

Names with  K

Khaleesi – Queen. Also know from Game of Thrones.

Names with  L

Lilibeth – blend of Lily the flower innocent purify  beauty.

Lisandra – Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander. Liberator. Feminine of Lysander.

Names with  M

Mabel – beautiful loving lovable.

Mailys – French origin meaning “chief or prince”.

Mayara – From the Brazilian Native Tupi Guarani language and it means a girl who’s clever, wise, intelligent.

Melisandre – Labor Strength.

Missandei – know from Game of Throne.

Here will mention and few favorite of mine names for Boys