Every woman wants her wedding day to be memorable not only for her, but for all guests. Flowers are a mandatory part of the preparation and must be carefully selected to complement and complete the overall look of the harmonious and enchanting atmosphere of the most special day of your life. The choice is sometimes quite difficult, because the flowers must be selected so as to express your individuality and at the same time be in sync with all the other details. Understand that there are no suitable and unsuitable flowers for a wedding. The choice is entirely yours and depends mostly on your preferences, as well as the budget and the theme you have chosen for your wedding.

Flowers are the main element of your wedding decoration and they build the overall vision of the wedding celebration. When choosing flowers for wedding decorations, brides are guided by various factors, both emotional and rational, and each of them has features that are good to pay attention to.

   Most often, brides stop at their favorite flower for wedding decorations and this is quite normal. However, there are a few points here that need to be taken into account. Every wedding has a color line that needs to be built. If the bride is holding on to a certain flower, then when choosing a color scheme, it should be taken into account whether this flower exists in the respective colors. There are flowers for wedding decorations that are strictly seasonal – especially spring. Although each flower can be found at any time of the year, in the off-season flowers are much more expensive and at the same time quite perishable (tulips in the summer heat do not last more than 2-3 hours, unfortunately). If your favorite flower is freesia and you want to use it in your wedding decoration, then you should definitely organize a spring wedding.

   There are cases in which the leading color scheme and according to it are selected suitable types of flowers for wedding decorations that can build it. In these cases, again, it is good to choose seasonal flowers. The size and shape of the flowers is also important to build a unified flower extravaganza. It is good when talking to a florist to wear a specific sample of your chosen color, because there is a very big difference in the shades of the individual colors, which can change the perception completely.

From ancient times, each flower carries a certain message and mood. If this matters to you, here are some of the most popular flowers used in wedding decorations, as well as their symbols:

1. Orchid

symbol of love and rare beauty, sophistication, beautiful woman, Chinese symbol for many children

2. Rose

symbol of happy love, one of the favorite flowers for wedding decorations along with the orchid

3. Sunflower

symbol of respect, pride

4. Freesia

a symbol of trust

5. Calla

symbol of beauty

6. Gerbera

reveals that the giver of flowers wants to show how generous he is and to emphasize himself

7. Tulip

the symbol of perfect love

8. Lilac

considered a lyrical messenger. Especially appreciated is the white lilac, which is a popular flower for wedding decorations at May weddings. It is often called the “royal flower”

9. Daisy

a symbol of eternal love, purity, sincerity, innocence, devoted love

10. Ivy

symbol of friendship, conjugal love, devotion, affection

11. Gladiolus

“Give me a break!”, “I’m really sincere”, the flower of gladiators

12. Dahlia

a symbol of dignity and elegance

13. Lily of the valley

a symbol of innocence and purity of character

And here are the messages that the color of the flowers brings to your wedding decorations:

Pink color – a sign of love

Red – fire and passion

Yellow – is associated with the sun, improves mood, brings joy and warmth, it is the color of communication, activity and openness.

Light blue is faith

Green – hope

Purple – obedience

Violet – friendship

Orange is pride