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Most women expect this Day from early childhood. They dream of this day, imagine what brides they will be. They feel all the details a million and one times. A romantic, careless princess or a queen. Even before they meet their chosen one, they know the flowers, the style, the color of the weeding.

Wedding is undoubtedly the day with a major ” D ” in the female romantic world.

Men, on the other hand, are less excited about this event. Big ” D ” Day for them is more like Saturday when their favorite football team is playing. The new computer or phone on the market. Beer Night… Some men not only do not think of a wedding, they even panic at the slight mention of the words marriage, a wedding party or bonding ” until our deaths separate us ” . The truth is that this applies to most men.

Unfortunately, these men are demeaning and predisposing women to use phrases like “I don’t need a man”. To take on the masculine role while men complain, like girls. How they never meet a suitable partner. Suddenly, they are very proud that a woman made them change diapers. Yes, I know many of you will not like this. Have you been proud to schedule one diaper me, one diaper you? And what if I missed changing it? The child will stay dirty? And since when did men decided that changing diapers was a great feat? I imagine proud men at the bar counting who is bigger by counting the number of diapers they changed while their wife was working. I know what you will say that he is also the parent of this child. That’s right, but let’s now look at the other side of the coin. Isn’t it nice for you, your husband to remember to do it from time to time by himself ? Because he loves you, respects you and wants to help you and initiate this by himself? Or will we be happier walking all day on them and chasing them to tell them one me , one you ? I’ll think twice before I answer.

However, there is a small part of them that looks at things differently. And these are the ones I want to write about (there have been already spend too much time and attention blown away on the wind for the men from the group above ). Let’s now give respect to the ones that are still out there.

There are men who eagerly and excitedly expect to see their chosen one at the altar. They take her hand with pride and dignity. Some men wait all their lives for the moment when they will see their beloved in a wedding dress. This are the ones I would call the men with major ” M ”.

The conclusions I made for myself are after a study, for which I thank the men who shared their experiences and feelings.

These are men who do not marry because they should or because everyone does, or their mother want them to etc. They marry for the love they have and the responsibility they have for the families they choose to create. Because they are proud to take the path of debt to their chosen woman, because they believe that a man is worth his word. They have the courage and the will to love going through life as it is. They have no intention of leaving when things get complicated. They fight for their love and man’s honor and dignity.

When they decide to attend the delivery room , they do not because the public says so, it is so fashionable, the doctors told them. They do it because, as one of the men replied, “I wanted to be there because I want to be sure that they treat my wife well at such a difficult time, and because I would not feel calm, just to be alone outside without knowing what’s going on. I can’t afford to leave my wife alone after, not doubting that if I was in the hospital she would be inseparable next to me “

There is no need for someone to tell them to help their wife. They do it by themselves. Because they respect and appreciate what she gives of herself. They appreciate the time they spend with her. They appreciate and respect her weakness and give a man’s shoulder for comfort. They simple were looking for women in all her glory. One of them say ” There is nothing more beautiful than woman being a woman “.

When there is a problem, they do not run away from it. They don’t start complaining. They seek the cause first and fight for a solution.

Since the world has existed, men have been fighting for the attention of women. In the past, men struggled to prove themselves to women. They were fighting for their love. Remember the stories in which a man sends a letter that arrives in months and one hearth awaits day and night. A heart overflowing with love and trembling. Men travel thousands of miles day and night to reach their beloved woman. Men waiting under the windows. And do you remember the letters found after the wars, the black and white photos of men running around to hug their loved one. Men waiting months and years writing letters from the battlefield, BUT never betrayed the male word they gave and their love. What about all the movies? Is there a movie that doesn’t talk about the love a man is capable of? Hardly to find one. Even children know and speak from a young age about love, man and woman. Stop preventing children from developing themselves as worthy men and women. Show them the responsibility they need to take on. Teach them to be an example for their own children one day. The best gift a father can make for his children is to love their mother! The best gift a mother can make for her children is to love their father! Because this is the environment in which they will grow up! The girls will learn that the man is caring, loving, will remember how their father loved and respected their mother. The boys will learn to take responsibility for respecting women, loving their wife, responsibility for their wife and family. Just because you failed, does not mean that you have to make the children believe that this is a normal and natural choice. Tell them the truth. And now if you are thinking , are women appreciating when man is major M ? With very few exceptions, but yes ! We all know the phrases, a beautiful woman is a loved woman. The happy woman is loved woman. It is in our nature to fall in love not with men themselves, but with their attitude. It is in our nature to create life, to belch. There is so many examples that we fall for the attitude not for the man. The man who will smile under the window with simple flower from some garden , does matter who he is ? Will warm out hearths and once he does he owns it. The man who will turn the world to have you ? Does matter who he is? The man who gives you word and stand for it ? The man who loves you for being a woman ? We fall for the attitude. They fall for us . Let’s not try to change this because haven’t bring good to any of us !

The heart knows best

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